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Bailey Richards
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Not a good day to be a Democrat

It must be wonderful to be a Democrat today.

Here are some of the things that make Democrats proud: Their platform says they are for gay marriage. They omitted any reference to God in their platform, but then amended the platform to include God by declaring the voice vote in two-thirds favors, when the vote was even 50/50. Their chairman had to say that because his teleprompter was already showing the the vote was two-thirds for, and thus the platform was amended.

The Democratic POTUS had issued another executive order that eliminated the word “work” that was included in the welfare law passed in 1996, which required that a person must be working before they could receive a government check. This was enacted into law under Bill Clinton.

Their president has stated on TV that he, Obama, had reduced spending more than anyone in the last 50 years. I wonder how he did that when his administration has increased the national debt $5 trillion in the last four years.

Their president directed the secretary of energy to give Solyndra $527 million to build solar panels. The company went bankrupt in one year. He is still giving tax credits to so-called “green” companies.

Gasoline was $1.84 when their president took office. Now it is $3.89 per gallon.

I’m glad I’m not a DEMOCRAT!

Bill Morton

Hazard, Ky.

SNAP funds should be used to purchase nutritious foods

An article entitled “The War on Soda Pop” that appeared in The Hazard Herald (July 18, page A4) reminded me of my personal opposition to the purchase of soft drinks by using food stamps. Soft drinks have zero or little nutritional value, and their purchase should not be subsidized by a government aid program.

The purpose of the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program) is to provide food to low and no income persons living in the United States. The program is administered without regard to the nutritional value of the food being purchased. The program is funded by a combination of government debt and taxes on the income of working citizens.

Opposition to the use of government aid to purchase soft drinks is not new. Efforts in Maine, Minnesota, and New York to ban soft drinks from food stamp purchases have been rejected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture which administers the SNAP program. This decision is supported by parts of the food industry led by the American Beverage Association and by anti-hunger and low-income advocacy groups.

Using government aid to purchase soft drinks leads to abuses. One such abuse is the practice of using aid to purchase a large quantity of soft drinks from one merchant and re-selling them to a local market. This practice defeats the intent of the SNAP by converting aid to cash. Also, SNAP funds used to purchase soft drinks are not being used to purchase nutritious foods.

Thinking back to periods in my life when my income was constrained, soft drinks, beer, tobacco products, and lottery tickets were not on my shopping list. I must wonder why these luxury items are so prominent on the needs list of many low-income persons. Perhaps this may be attributed to poor choices and the addictive quality of many of these products.

What can those opposed to the purchase of soft drinks with SNAP aid do? First, we need to contact our congressmen, voice our opposition, and demand a change in the laws. Second, we need to boycott those local markets that re-purchase soft drinks from SNAP recipients.

John Hoppe

Hazard, Kentucky

Do it right

It is widely rumored that Perry Schools Superintendent John Paul Amis will be allowed to resign at the Thursday, September 20 school board meeting and will be re-employed in some capacity within the system, thus allowing him to remain either through the June 30, 2013, or until October 2013, at his current pay rate.

First, any position for which he may be employed must be posted for 30 days, applications must be received and logically the most qualified applicant must be hired. In the face of the charges resulting in his termination, he would be a non-candidate.

Part of your sworn duty is to handle our money responsibly. You can fire him and litigate with him if need be, or you can accept his resignation legally. If anybody owes him hush money, let it be paid out of those pockets, not the children’s money. If you fire him and arrange to pay him, either in the form of a severance package, or a position in any capacity, you can litigate with us. Your chances of winning are far better litigating with him. After all, he is being fired with cause. We know the charges.

We know where our test scores rank. We know our big central high school is under state-management. We know our 2011 fall semester was shortened at both high schools for some reason. We know we had a classified employee doing classroom observations. Where was he? We know our board attorney of record was suspended from practice. Those facts are common knowledge.

If Superintendent Amis were the coach of a high school basketball team with a record as poor as the academic record of Perry Schools, it is almost a certainty that he would have been relieved of duty years ago. Infinitely more important is the now-closed, relatively brief window of opportunity of the graduated and soon-graduating children to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to compete for a good-paying job or a college education. He evidenced little interest or effort in assisting them in that endeavor.

The above is the tip of the iceberg of his abuse, misuse, neglect, and failure over the course of his 18-year tenure, as year-in, year-out he chased from the May primary to the November general elections in his zeal to promote his and Chairman Combs’ candidates of choice. As a re-hire he is an absolute non-candidate.

Chairman Combs, Debbie McIntosh, and Charlene Miller, you, through your tenure of silence until recently, have demonstrated your incompetence and general unfitness to sit on any school board. You’ve been in this county for a lifetime along with the rest of us. You knew what they were when you arrived there. “Won’t get nothing for my district” is a pathetic, ridiculous excuse for letting thousands of children go down the tubes. Collectively and individually, all three of you, along with Mr. Amis, are fit candidates for a massive class-action lawsuit by current and graduated Perry County School students for the permanent and lasting damage done to their lives. At this point, your biggest concern should be fending off immediate removal from your own seat. Do it right.

Ralph Patrick,

Lost Creek, Kentucky

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