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Dawn Reed

Guest Columnist

Do ever wonder why the Bible says “Jesus loved the little children”? I know exactly why…

Last night in the preschool class, we were finishing up the Christmas story. After missing two weeks because of the holiday, it seemed appropriate to review what we’d already studied.

This is exactly how it went down…

I held a picture Bible in my hands. Our first picture was an angel with Mary. “Do you remember that an angel came to see Mary?” I asked. They all said, “Yeeeessss!” “What was his name?” I quizzed. “Gabriel!” they yelled as one. “That’s right!” I encouraged.

There was a long cough beside me. “I’ve had a bad cough,” informed Craig, one of my boys. Craig is from right here in the area but has a drawl that makes him sound like he’s from Texas. He adds more syllables to most of his words, so the bad sounded like “ba-yad”. He’s country as cornbread-and I LOVE cornbread!

“I’m so sorry,” I comforted him, still holding the Bible. He coughed again on his sleeve. “Did you have to take medicine?” I asked. “Yes,” was his answer in two syllables.

I started to continue our story, but Craig went on. “My Dad has a belly ache.” A long pause… “And you know what? He took some of my medicine.” (I don’t believe everything I’m told.) “Is he feeling better?” I had to know.

“Yes,” he exhaled with relief.

“I’m so glad,” I finished as I pointed to the Bible, still in my hands. “Mary was going to marry Joseph,” I went on. Christopher, a two-year old, said, “I’m married.”

“You are?” I asked. “Who are you married to?” He turned shy and wouldn’t give her name.

Nakota, one of my girls who’s four, cheered “My Mom got married at the…” and left us hanging. “Um, the…”she thought hard and tried to find the words. She said something about water.

“At the lake?” I guessed.

“No,” she shook her head. “Ummm, you can call it the lake, but it’s where the sharks are.”

“The sharks?” I repeated. “Was it at the beach?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “But there wasn’t a beach there.” (I’m wondering now if it was an aquarium.)

Believe it or not, we went on with the story of Jesus’ birth. We covered the pictures where Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem and there was no room at the “hotel”. (Preschoolers have no idea what an “inn” is.) They love the part where Jesus was born in a barn. They all love animals-even those who are allergic-and they all love to tell if they are.

That’s when three-year old Gabriel (not the angel from the Bible) said “I saw Jesus.” (He was wearing a Buzz Light-year cap he’d gotten for Christmas.) I couldn’t wait to see where this was headed. “You did?” I asked.

“I saw Jesus…and Mary…and a big sheep and little sheep. And then, the big sheep ate the little sheep,” Gabriel finished.

“Heavens to Betsy!” I thought to myself. “Where on earth did that happen? Did they go to a live Nativity? I HOPE that didn’t really happen! Surely to goodness a big sheep didn’t eat a little sheep right there in front of everybody! Holy smokes!” I calmly smiled as I held the picture Bible in my hands-still.

I turned the page… “That very night, there were shepherds that were taking care of their sheep…”

Suddenly, Shane yelled, “I have to pee!” Talk about moving quick! We made a path so he could get there lickety split! “I can go by myself!” he called as he crossed the room. He tore open the door to the attached bathroom and before we could get to him, he’d dropped his pants and mooned the entire class. Thank the precious Lord in heaven all the girls were busy gluing shepherds on paper. Whew! (I’m shaking with laughter as I remember it all.)

One little girl told us a big tale. She was so excited and went on and on. I wish I could tell you what she said, but for the life of us, my helper and I could not understand a word.

It’s no wonder the Bible says Jesus loved the little children. I love stuff like this and I know He does, too!

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