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Chad Abshire

Staff Writer

PIKEVILLE, Ky. — The Pike County Health Department released its latest round of restaurant inspections conducted during December, with seven establishments earning perfect scores and and 16 others requiring follow-ups.

Businesses requiring follow-ups are:

Bevins Elementary, Sidney; Sav-A-Lot, Goody; *Wendy’s, Goody; Fiesta Mexicana, North Mayo Trail; Food City, South Williamson; *Phelps Double Kwik, Phelps; The Lucky Penny, Phyllis; Hardees, Southside Mall; Phelps One Stop, Phelps; *Peking II, Southside Mall; Hometown Subway of Walmart, Pikeville; Applebee’s, Cassidy Boulevard; Pic Pac of Phelps, Phelps; Giovanni’s, Southside Mall; Mountain View Health Care, Elkhorn City; East Kentucky Expo Center, Main Street, Pikeville.

Asterisks appear before names of establishments above if corrections are not made and will require another follow-up.

The health department normally inspects restaurants and other eateries twice a year, checking food storage, preparations, personnel, restrooms, water and other health conditions.

A perfect inspection score is 100 percent, points are subtracted if violations are found. The score thresholds are:

• 85 to 100 percent indicates compliance with health department guidelines;

• 70 to 84 percent means the establishment must be reinspected within 30 days. If problems have not been corrected, it faces possible closure;

• 60 to 69 percent means the establishment will have five days to request a hearing to show why it should be allowed to continue to operate;

• 59 percent of less means an automatic and immediate closing if conditions pose an immediate health risk to the public.

Certain conditions and practices are considered potentially serious threats to the public’s health and require a correction within 10 days. Asterisks denote such deficiencies before the score:

Justice Quality Foods, McCarr, 96, *87 percent — meat slicer blade rusted and pitted, meat saw cover cracked in several locations, spray bottle stored on buffer, white bottle with blue trim not labeled; 7-Eleven, Belfry, 95, 92 percent; Reno’s Roadhouse, Pikeville, 92 percent; Pizza Hut, South Williamson, *77 percent — large can opener and dishwasher racks, ice bucket not clean to touch, sight not sanitized, liquid waste discharging out back of the dumpster in closure going over hill to river;

Subway of Walmart, South Williamson, *85 percent — personal beverage/food stored beside of and over top of food/food items for sale, sanitizer line going to “Sink Rite” not properly connected to Super San Agent, dishes that were washed were not rinsed and sanitized, tomato slicer not clean to touch, sight, not sanitized; Giovanni’s, South Williamson, 91 percent; Zebulon Double Kwik, Zebulon Highway, 92, 96 percent; Wendy’s, North Mayo Trail, 98 percent;

The Gray’s Cakery, North Mayo Trail, 98 percent; Kentucky Fried Chicken, South Mayo Trail, 93 percent; Sav-A-Lot, South Mayo Trail, 91 percent; Little Caesar’s Pizza, South Mayo Trail, *84 percent — date marking not established properly for potentially hazardous foods, at a minimum the expiration date must be labeled; East Kentucky Expo Center, Main Street, Pikeville, *92 percent — sanitizer used for 3-compartment sink not at proper level, sanitizer was completely empty (corrected during inspection);

Subway of Pikeville, Hibbard Street, 94 percent; Johns Creek Area Child Care Center, Johns Creek Road, 98 percent; Hardees, Pikeville, *84 percent — chili on prep line not at proper temperature, measured at 114 degrees, mayonnaise temperature at 73 degrees (corrected, discarded by manager); Gattiland, Cassidy Boulevard, 93 percent; Hometown Subway of Walmart, Pikeville, *95 percent — potentially hazardous foods not date marked properly or a consistent basis, expiration must be given;

El Azul Grande, Pikeville, *83 percent — date marking is missing on all products for given day, all foods held for more than one day must be marked; Food City, Cassidy Boulevard, 92, 96 percent; Velocity Market, Zebulon Highway, 95, 91 percent; PMC Cafeteria, ByPass Road, 94 percent; McDonalds of Pikeville, Baird Avenue, *88 percent — sanitizer buckets show evidence of no sanitizer, very weak if any; Wendy’s, South Mayo Trail, 89 percent;

Southside Elementary, Belfry, 95 percent; Belfry Middle School, Belfry, 97 percent; Phelps One Stop, Phelps, *81, *87 percent — 3 cans of olives, pizza sauce sharply dented, winter mix stored next to Reese’s Trees (correct during inspection); Bella’s Gas n Go, Freeburn, 96, 96 percent; Hardees, Southside Mall, *88 percent — grinder/slicer at prep sink covered with bag unclean/unsanitized; The Lucky Penny, Phyllis, 95, *86 percent — spoiled green bell peppers, lettuce and cabbage (corrected, items removed during inspection); Bertha’s Diner, Stopover, 92 percent;

Dairy Queen, South Williamson, 90 percent; Hornet’s Restaurant, Phelps, 90 percent; Phelps Double Kwik, Phelps, *77, *88 percent — no hot water in mens and women’s restrooms or at hand sink by front counter, toxic item not labeled in back storage room across from restrooms with toxic items not locked; Justice Quality Foods, Regina, 96, 93 percent; Food City, South Williamson, *86, *87 percent — meat slicer in kitchen unclean/unsanitized to sight (corrected), chemicals stored next to 3-compartment sink not labeled (items disposed of during inspection, corrected); A&S Mini Mart, Mouthcard, 96, 99 percent;

Blackburn Family Foods, Lick Creek, 100, 98 percent; Elkhorn Double Kwik, Elkhorn City, 96, 97 percent; Lookout Gas n’ Go, Lookout, 92, 100 percent; Justiceville Double Kwik, Shelbiana Road, 99, 98 percent; Fiesta Mexicana, North Mayo Trail, *82 percent — foods item at warmer table not at 135 degrees (corrected); Justice Quality Foods, Robinson Creek, 98, 96 percent; TJ Family Foods, State Highway 194 East, 95 percent; Valley IGA, Virgie, 91, 86 percent; Peking Downtown, South Mayo Trail, 96 percent; El Azul Grande II, South Williamson, 89 percent; Paul’s Pizza, Phelps, 94 percent;

Caroline’s Catering, Phelps, 96 percent; Wendy’s, Goody, *75 percent — five cans of dark red kidney beans and two cans of chili base dented in seam or sharply dented, no hot water at hand sink next to 3-compartment sink, toxic item stored on shelving containing single service items, two cleaners labeled the same with different colors (corrected, removed during inspection); Williamson ARH, South Williamson, 97 percent; Dotson’s Cafe, Sidney, 91 percent; Big Creek Pizza House, Sidney, 94 percent; Thoroughbred Steakhouse, South Williamson, 96 percent;

Sav-A-Lot, Goody, *84 percent — meat slicer in meat room not sanitized after four hours (corrected during inspection); Velocity Market, Belfry, 92, 90 percent; Blackberry Senior Center, McCarr, 99 percent; Long John Silvers, South Williamson, 91 percent; Velocity Market, Cline Street, 99, 95 percent; Food City, South Mayo Trail, *92, 94 percent — sliced meats and other products not properly date marked, expiration date must be given; Hampton Inn Continental Bar, Pikeville, 98 percent; Walmart Super Center, Cassidy Boulevard, 100, 93 percent; Belfry High School, Belfry, 98 percent; PMC Hobe’s Grill, ByPass Road, 100 percent;

Hamilton’s Grocery, U.S. 23 South, 89, 90 percent; Pizza Hut, South Mayo Trail, 92 percent; Meta Discount Mart, Meta Highway, *82, 93 percent — combination salad and cole slaw not dated marked, not using gloves on ready to eat foods; Steak n’ Shake, Cassidy Boulevard, *89 percent — ice frozen on freezer doors and floors, door won’t close, can opener needs to be washed, rinsed and sanitized; Shoney’s, Pikeville, 90 percent; Fruit Bouquet and More, Weddington Branch Road, 100 percent;

Sam’s Hot Dog Stand, Weddington Branch Road, 96 percent; Custom Confections, Pikeville, 100 percent; Peking Restaurant, North Mayo Trail, 100 percent; Applebee’s, Cassidy Boulevard, *87 percent — one gallon of milk outdated (corrected, discarded by manager during inspection); Bob Evans Restaurant, North Mayo Trail, *91 percent — dressings not date marked in waitress area; Majestic Elementary, State Highway 194 East, 98 percent; Peking II, Southside Mall, *80 percent — can opener blade in poor repair, meat slicer unclean/unsanitzed to sight or touch (corrected), spices stored on top of sanitizer, vinegar stored under green detergent (corrected);

Walmart, South Williamson, *89, 93 percent — all slicers unclean/unsanitized to sight, mixed meats under slicer (corrected, slicer sanitized during inspection); Pic Pac of Phelps, Phelps, *94, 92 percent — meat slicer unclean/unsanitized to sight (corrected during inspection).

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