“There’s no three sweeter words right now than back-to-back,” said Tug Valley coach Garland Thompson, who was an assistant coach of Williamson, the last public school to win a Class A banner. “I’m just tickled to death for our community, school, and most importantly our four seniors and that team celebrating on that floor out there.”

Brewer was 7-of-13 shooting from the field for the Panthers, who shot 46 percent overall.

“I just did my thing today. I drove to the basket and dished it out,” said Brewer, who also dished out five assists. “If I had a layup then I would take what they gave me.”

Counting Newsome’s 10 points, Tug Valley’s three guards racked up 46 of the Panthers’ 58 points.

“It was just like pick your poison with them,” Charleston Catholic coach Bill McClanahan said. “We’ve seen many great guards throughout the years, but never three like that together. I thought we came out and played at our highest level the first eight to 10 minutes. Then we leveled off and Tug Valley took advantage of that.”