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Gene Lyons

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Dawn Reed

Guest Columnist

When preschoolers are potty-trained, it’s awesome. Moving from diapers to pull-ups and then big girl panties or big boy underwear is a big deal. As a preschool teacher, there’s a teeny weeny part that’s awkward. With girls, it’s not a problem, wiping is simple. But…with little boys, I’m never sure what the protocol is about…umm…dabbing with paper or “shaking” before pulling up the drawers. If you don’t do anything, the underwear gets wet. So something has to be done!

About a year ago, I was at a total loss. I had a new two-year old in class who’d just graduated to “big boy” status. He had just finished a timely job of going to the potty for the first time in my class, and there we were-the moment of decision. I didn’t want him to pick up a new habit from me and then confound his Mom or Dad. (It’s a little uncomfortable, too, asking the parents. “Is your child allergic to anything? Do you dab or shake?”) So, I had an ingenious idea. I said, “OK, now, do a dance!” which shook his whole body and got the job done. When he went home, I imagined his dance at the potty, Mom and Dad asking where he’d learned it and him telling them “Miss Dawn!”

This past week in class, one of my boys yelled, “I need to pee!” (Sometimes when you’re little it’s necessary to shout important things.) We hurried like Ninjas just in case he’d waited too long.

In the bathroom, mercifully attached to the classroom, he jabbered about Captain America and some of his favorite super heroes. (He usually wears a cape and pretends to be a different character almost every week.) He’s two, but takes care of his business like a pro. I was bragging about what a big boy he is. We were pulling up his pants and suddenly he grabbed at the front of his big boy underwear. He made a horrible sound! “AAAwwwrrrrr!” I don’t know exactly how to spell it, but it was bad!

“What is it, Braydon?!” I begged. He made the sound again. He was obviously in pain. Was it a bladder infection?! Something was burning and I didn’t know what to do!

“The Hulk!” he yelled and pointed to his underwear.

“Why, it sure is!” I exclaimed thankfully as I saw The Hulk’s picture. I laughed to myself. I couldn’t wait to tell his Mom and Dad! We washed our hands and went to finish our “God Made Fish” sheet. (We are studying the Creation.)

A few weeks ago, I had seen Braydon’s Papaw at church with a scab on his nose the size of Texas. It was so bad I wouldn’t look right at him and certainly wasn’t going to ask him what had happened. I didn’t know if he’d had surgery or skin removed or even a graft, but it was scary. Something had peeled the skin off of his whole nose! I just found out that “Captain America” got a new shield. Not only does it deflect bullets and arrows but also, if you get too close, things on your face!

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