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Martha Sparks
Society Editor

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Patriot Coal bankruptcy


As you know, Patriot Coal has filed bankruspy but in reality, the employees and community are paying the bill.

On Friday, June 21, 2013, the company told the men that they were planning to cut their pay as much as five dollars an hour and would be taking their vacation days and was reverting to a 40 hour work week—which now turns into about a eight dollar an hour cut.

So my question is, what has Patriot Coal given up as a corporation? As far as I can see, nothing. The CEOs are still making their wages and bonuses,but the men and the community are giving up everything and retirees are losing their promised healthcare. Working men are losing about twenty thousand dollars a year which for three hundred men is about six million dollars taken out of the local economy and now the retirees will have to purchase some sort of healthcare, which that is probably another two to three million a year out of the community which means layoffs for local business.

In the end, the employees the local and state community are paying for a company that was designed to fail.

I think it’s time to stop these coal barons from raping our land and leaving our communitys for dead. This is just the first round of cuts and what’s next, are the other companies, union and non-union, going to do the same thing? My answer is yes.

Lets band together as a people to stop the terrorism of our state. When we hear of a rally against them, let’s get off our hind parts, get up and go. Let’s write our congressmen and tell them how we feel about the Enrons of the world and certainly not last lets show Arch Coal, Peabody Coal and Patriot Coal how much we love our county, our state and our coal miners.

Jimmy Guess

Paintsville, Ky.


Secrecy and hidden “shame”


Maybe 15 years ago I saw a man who was the spitting image of his father at the funeral of Tommy Elkins, a childhood friend.

I was asked if I wanted to meet my brother and I declined because his mother never told him who his real father was. It is sad that this wonderful person who is, from what I heard, a preacher just like his father.

Things happen when people are young have difficulties in their life and they seek comfort from others to ease their emotional pain.

I know his mother passed away but I never knew his real name. I was told by someone I have known for many years when I asked his name but I believe he lied even though he claimed to be close friends of my brother. That in itself is sad that he may have compromised his so called allegiance with Jesus. But that is between him and his “Savior”.

At any rate this person has missed out on his brothers and sisters because of the secrecy and hidden “shame” of not knowing his real dad and the lie of his past. The sad part is that many people know this and have kept it from him. Friends?

Loren Tomblin

Douglasville, Ga.


Charges dropped


So charges were dropped against Jared Marcum. It would be appropriate if the law enforcement and school officials who initiated or supported the entire affair were fined attorney and court costs — and had to pay out of their own pockets.

Then, there ought to be public and personal apologies and copies of those apologies included in their personnel files. Those officials must learn that when they spit into the wind, they’re bound to get some on themselves.

The memory of their poor choices should stick. During my 36 years in education, I witnessed wholesale and frequent examples of administrative and official ignorance and tomfoolery — and I place this episode in my Top Ten.

George Mitchell

Blairsville, Ga.


Safe holiday tips


This Fourth of July, Americans will toast the country’s independence with friends, family and fireworks.

Before celebrations get underway, Proud Eagle Distributing reminds adults 21 and older to show their patriotism by designating a driver or skipper to help keep everyone safe. By doing so, they’ll join the millions of American adults who have been a designated driver or designated skipper or been driven home by one.

Here are additional tips for safer celebrations during the holiday:

1. Buckle Up. Ask everyone to wear a seat belt or a life jacket.

2. Be an Attentive Driver. Always be in control and aware of those around you.

3. Don’t Speed. Resist the urge to speed by making sure there’s plenty of time to reach your destination.

4. Drink Responsibly. Adults 21 and older who choose to drink should make responsible choices about when, where and how much.

Proud Eagle is committed to keeping our nation’s roadways and waterways safe. We can all do our part to make sure everyone has a fun and safe holiday.

Jim Linsenmeyer

COO of Proud Eagle Inc.

South Charleston


Stop this insanity


Wow, watching the case of the T-shirt from Wisconsin I shake my head in the wrong headed thinking that got you all in this mess. Does anyone among you have the moral fortitude to stand up and say enough?

You, Logan, West Virginia are not showing well to the rest of the world. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourselves and your community:

Logan County Schools Superintendent

1. Is it the common process in Logan County schools to contact the police each time it is felt that a child’s clothing is inappropriate?

2. Why then did Ernestine Sutherland contact the police rather than the parents when she did not approve of Jared Marcum’s t-shirt?

I am outraged that such an abuse of authority and deviation from the policies is being accepted. Using scare tactics on children for political or person reasons cannot go unanswered. I demand that punitive actions be taken against Ernestine Sutherland and I will gladly aid with funding for a civil suit against your school district and yourself if this does not occur.

Logan Chief of Police and Mayor

1. Is it an acceptable practice in your police department for an officer to arrest a person for speaking? Are your officers aware of the Bill of Rights?

2. Why then did officer James Adkins charge Jared Marcum with “obstructing an officer” simply for speaking? Speaking is a Constitutional Right, regardless of whether a person speaking is inconvenient to your officers.

3. I am outraged that you are allowing your officers to perform actions in defiance of the U.S. Constitution.

I demand that punitive actions be taken against Officer James Adkins and I will gladly aid with funding towards a civil suit against you, officer Adkins, and the Logan Police Department if this does not occur immediately.

Someone needs to stand up and stop this insanity. Enough of School District personal opinions trampling on the rights of the citizen.

Lanny Harder

Wausau, Wis.

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