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By Debbie Rolen

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Wake up America


Wake up America, or keep on sleeping

If we keep on sleeping, we are going to lose America as we know it.

Learn to vote, not what they say, but what they do. We the People are tired of political correctness. I believe in freedom of speech.

It is not big government that’s going to fix America, if we the people do not stand upand fight for our rights, we are going to lose our rights and the America that we love. As we know by now, the politicians in Washington cannot fix stupid.

The inside beltway bunch, spendaholic congressmen and taxaholic senators of both parties, the culture of arrogance, syrupy speeches, budget numbers out of thin air break their promises the instant they make them.

Are you fed up like me. Trillion dollar stimulus plans, grand bargains bailouts, fraud, fat, greed, carve-outs, loopholes and special interest sweetheart deals.

Tea Party Patriot

Sid Gullett



Senate Bill 359, Provision §18-5-44


In-Brief: What Senate Bill 359 Means for Public School Students in West Virginia.

The recent passage of Senate Bill 359 has advanced some significant changes for our public schools. Several provisions of the recent education reform legislation will have a direct impact on students.

Understandably, the new bill is generating questions that deserve careful consideration.

At The Education Alliance, we have started a dialogue about how the new law will directly affect students. We are seeking public feedback about the bill. We want to review the public’s ideas and thoughts about key elements of the reform legislation that will significantly effect our students, teachers, and school administration.

Here are some aspects of the bill to consider:

Provision §18-5-44 – the Early Childhood Education Programs Initiative – will affect children who turn four years old prior to September 1.

What’s New?

The new legislation requires counties to offer full-day early childhood programs to four-year olds five days per week by 2016-17. Parents can still decide whether or not to enroll their four-year olds in the program. Legislation passed in 2002 mandated that by 2012-13, counties had to make some form of a pre-K program available to all four-year olds and all three-year olds with an individualized education plan (IEP). Currently, some pre-K programs do not operate five days a week, and others are not full-day programs. These new full-time early childhood programs are based on research that shows students benefit more from full-day pre-K studies.

While the legislation calls for full-day programs five days per week, it also allows counties to offer abbreviated programs that last less than a full day or fewer than five days per week. This shortened approach must be requested by families in each district. Each county, however, is still obligated by 2016-17 to offer a full-day, five-day-a week program for other four-year olds.

Quick Facts about Pre-K Programs in West Virginia

• Nearly 76 percent of the state’s pre-K programs are already full day; however, only 13 percent operate five days per week, and 87 percent operate four days per week.

• Nearly 20 percent provide 16-23 hours of instruction, and 5 percent provide 12-16 hours of instruction per week.

• The state’s pre-K approach meets 8 of 10 benchmarks on the National Institute for Early Education Research’s (NIEER) Quality Standards Checklist.

• In 2012-13, 15,268 (69 percent) of eligible four-year olds were enrolled in a pre-K program.

Here are the expected benefits:

• Improved readiness for kindergarten

• Decreased behavioral problems

• Improved student attendance

• Increased scores on achievement tests

• Decreased percentage of students retained in a grade

• Decreased placement in special education

Questions remain:

• How many families must place a request before a district is required to implement an abbreviated pre-K program?

• What indicators will be used to determine if pre-K programs produce the desired outcomes?

• Will counties need additional funding to implement full-day pre-K programs five days a week?

• Does the state have sufficient capacity to monitor the quality of its pre-K programs?

• Does the state have a sufficient number of certified early childhood educators to ensure that pre-K programs are properly staffed?

Do you have ideas about these changes? Do your personal experiences or those of your children shape your views on the state’s attempts, as described above, to improve our students’ performance?

Please contact us at info@educationalliance.org to let us know your thoughts.

Dr. Patricia S. Kusimo

President/CEO of The Education Alliance



What has happened to the Logan Banner?


This is in response to Dr. William Ellis’ column in last Sunday’s paper in which he compared George Dubya Bush to George Washington.

How can the Logan Banner give a regular column to a man who spouts such drivel?

Dr. Ellis, Mr. Bush isn’t being blamed for all the problems our country is now facing because his name is George. Mr. Bush is being blamed for many problems because, amoung many other things, he started two ill-conceived wars, he sent a strong economy into a tailspin by givinghuge tax cuts to the rich, and he further ensured economic disaster by removing regulations from banks and Wall Street while creating policies that disproportionately benefitted the rich.

Also, Dr. Ellis, using Christians as pawns in the dirty game of world politics is despicable. Clearly, your column is designed not to draw sinners to God to save their souls, but to draw ill-advised Christians — Christians who think they can accept the grace and salvation of the New Covenant (Heb. 8:6-13), but live by the punishment and retribution of the Old Covenant — away from righteousness to benefit the Republican Party.

Christians who justify their feelings and actions by the Old Covenant are in effect breaking the New Covenant, and covenant breakers are as worthy of death as all other sinners (Rom. 1:31).

Dr. Ellis, I have no idea what you meant by the last paragraph of your column. Exactly where did you read the last page of our country’s final history?

Russell Marcum


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