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I would like to address some of the editorials and such that have been in your paper these last several months. I thank you for printing my thoughts on these things.

Let’s start by paraphrasing the words of a song from the 1960s, or maybe the 1970s: “Where have all the hypocrites gone? Long time passing.”

One of the poignant pictures I have ever seen was in this paper, showing Uncle Sam holding a dead child in his arms and the caption asking, “Why?” Let me try to answer the “why.” Now, this travesty didn’t start with Newtown. It started many years ago, when “we, the people” allowed that ol’ she-devil O’Hara to persuade those gutless liberal hypocrites to take prayer out of our schools.

By taking God out of our schools, instead of our children learning about love, compassion and every other good thing that the word of God teaches about, caring for others has been removed from their hearts and minds. Then, couple that with the violence, porn and other ungodly things they are exposed to through TV, videogames, etc., and the discipline has been outlawed by the two-faced, hypocritical liberals in our society. It’s no wonder these atrocities are happening in America today. Hypocrites are of the devil. Yes, friends, if you don’t be believe it, read Matthew 23, where Christ himself uses the word at least seven times. Repent, you hypocrites, before it’s too late. God have mercy on our nation.

Not a one, NOT A ONE, of the QBC networks placed the blame for the murders of those precious little angels at Newtown on the Devil that did the dirty deed. Those hypocrites blamed every conservative group in America for this atrocity. That alone shows how hypocritical you communists really are. Call yourselves “Democrat” if you want to, but you are nothing but Devil-inspired hypocrites.

Why don’t you QBCs report on this devil’s past? Let’s see what made him tick. But you won’t do that, because you think you can use this tragedy to help you disarm “we, the people.” Listen, you hypocrites, that’s not going to happen! Do you think members of the NRA are the only “armed” people in America? Think again!

Due to sickness and deaths in the family, I haven’t sent a letter in to the paper in recent months. I will have a continuation of this letter, shortly.

Bill Tussey


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