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Let’s talk about energy and the economy for a moment

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Dear Editor,

Coal-fueled electricity is a powerful economic driver. Coal power plants generate more electricity, and create and sustain more jobs, than any other energy source. Sadly, policies being advanced by President Obama with the support of some members of Congress are shutting down our country’s most affordable and abundant domestic source of energy.

Today, new coal-fueled power plants are best-in-class global leaders in generating efficient, clean, reliable and affordable energy, but they are being pushed out by overreaching policies that do not take into proper account the economic importance of electricity generated from coal.

Some quick facts:

Coal provides 40 percent of U.S. electric power generation, providing power for more than 60 million homes and 3.4 million businesses.

Coal mining is the source of 204,580 direct coal mining jobs and supports a total of 805,000 jobs in the U.S. economy.

Coal is our most abundant source of energy, constituting 94 percent of the nation’s fossil fuel resources.

Our energy policies need to be aligned with our national interest so that coal electricity can continue to create jobs and keep America competitive. If you haven’t urged your lawmakers to oppose the administration’s plans to increase your electricity prices and damage electricity reliability, please do so today: http://www.countoncoal.org/index.php?action-kits

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Hal Quinn

President and CEO


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