Daring duo shoot out window

Debbie RolenStaff Writer

March 13, 2013

A couple went shoplifting at Wal-Mart, then shot out glass from one of the store’s doors.

The Logan Police Department responded to a call from Wal-Mart and the criminal complaint says John Adam Hensley, 22, of Holden, entered the store with co-defendant Deidra Dawne Browning.

Hensley selected a jacket and put it on, proceeded to sporting goods, where he selected and concealed an airgun and cartridges, as well as a PS3 game cartridge and a three-disc DVD set. He left the store and did not pay for any of the items, which were valued at $158.78.

The defendant and co-defendant then got into a red Chevy Cavalier and proceeded to drive through the parking lot, shooting out the front glass of a door located on the side of Wal-Mart with a BB airgun. The window was valued at $706.37.

The last stop for the defendant was McDonalds at Fountain Place Mall, where he gave the DVD set and PS3 game to an employee there.

They were charged with first offense shoplifting, receiving and transfer of stolen goods, and destruction of property.

Browing was sentenced to a fine of $10, court cost of $165.80 and restitution of $932.17 to be paid within 180 days of January 16.

The warrant for Hensley was recently served and his bond was set at $7,500.