“Hatfield’s and McCoy’s: White Lightning” show debuts tonight

By Kyle Lovern

August 1, 2013

(Editor’s Note: This is the third part of a four part series)

Rachel Baldwin

Staff Writer

WILLIAMSON - Much anticipation has been voiced throughout Mingo County as residents who call this their home excitedly await the first episode of the History Channel’s “Hatfield’s and McCoy’s: White Lightening” unscripted, reality series, set to make its national debut tonight at 10 p.m.

The show is based on two modern day families who are direct descendants of Devil Anse’ Hatfield and Randal McCoy and their attempts to make peace with one another and join forces to start a business making and distributing white whiskey, “aka” moonshine.

In yesterday’s edition of the Williamson Daily, the cast members of the McCoy clan were introduced and profiled, and today we want you to get to know the Hatfield family and the role they will play in this reality show.

Billie McCoy is the matriarch of the Hatfield clan. She is known as the gun-toting granny of this branch of the family. She always packs a pistol, no matter where she goes. Billie is full of old-school wisdom and family history. She is not only the glue that keeps the Hatfield’s together, but also keeps everyone in line, especially Mark. She is the mother of Mark, Missy and John T., and she has taught all of them to be proud of their family history and to never take any guff from anyone.

Next, we have Mark. As Yuell’s and Billie’s oldest son, Mark Hatfield is the patriarch of the Hatfield family. He has a great sense of humor and a fiery temper to match. The slightest sign of disrespect from a McCoy will set him off. Mark owns hundreds of guns and is not afraid to use them. He is a natural entrepreneur who is willing to take risks, and folks revere him for his high-quality moonshine.

With her biting wit, Missy Hatfield has proven to be the firecracker of the Hatfield family. She is Billie’s and Yuell’s youngest daughter and is a strong woman who will not hesitate to put people in their place. Everybody goes to Missy for help because they know she will defend each of her siblings to the death, no matter what. She carries a Walther PPK gun at all times. Her daddy taught her to never trust a McCoy, and she hasn’t trusted them to this day. Missy is a committed mother to her two sons, as well as a dedicated grandmother to her two grandbabies.

The inventive little brother of Mark, John T. Hatfield is a fearless man who faces life’s challenges head-on. He is a recreational pilot and has 33 years of experience as racecar driver. He is a fighter to the core and sees nothing wrong with fighting with the McCoy’s. John T. is a great story-teller with a good sense of humor, and he is devoted to his children, John and Johnna and his wife, Diana. He and Mark have had a falling out, but John T. is determined to make amends with his brother.

Known for his country character and backwoods charm, Scotty May Hatfield loves moonshine almost as much as he loves his family. As one of the proudest descendants of Devil Anse, Scotty has made his home up Devil Anse’s old hollow. Like his cousins Mark, Missy and John T., he is proud of his family’s history and will defend it against the McCoy’s. His best friend is his dog, Toto, who sits on his shoulder like a parrot.

When you put these ten cast members together, throw a few other key players in the mix and round it all off with local members of the Mingo County and Pike County areas who make cameo appearances, you have a recipe for a rip roarin’, gun totin’, knee slappin’ good time.

Join us in watching the adventures of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s: White Lightening series each week, beginning at 10 p.m. this evening to follow your favorite characters and see what successes may be coming to our beloved City of Williamson as a result of the business ventures that we all hope will be the fruits of the Hatfield and McCoy families’ labor.